Staffing Industry Analysts’ second annual list honoring the trendsetters within contingent workforce management was released yesterday. The list recognizes buyers of staffing services who are making a significant contribution to the management and evolution of contingent workforce programs within their organizations and industry-wide.

The list is sponsored by contingent workforce solutions provider MBO Partners.

List honorees were selected based on the impact and influence each has on the profession, and on the roles they play in elevating the value of the flexible workforce. Fifty individuals from around the world were selected for inclusion; they are profiled here.

“How work gets done around the world and the way talent engages is changing rapidly, evolving against a backdrop of rising technologies, global movements, economic shifts and other critical factors and driving contingent workforce management into new realms of sophistication and areas of practice,” said Subadhra Sriram, editor and publisher of media products at SIA. “The 2019 CW Program Game Changers are forward-thinking influencers and professionals leading the charge for their workforce programs and for the ecosystem in the midst of this evolution. I am pleased to congratulate them on this well-deserved recognition.”

Appointment to the list is made based on the impact and influence nominees have had on the profession, and on the roles they play in elevating the value of the flexible workforce. Amidst the many nominations received, 50 individuals were selected for inclusion this year.

“The future of work isn’t coming – it has arrived. It is clear that workforce behaviors and economics have changed, people want more control, enterprises need more agility, and traditional methods no longer support the modern workforce,” said Gene Zaino, founder and executive director of MBO Partners. “The 2019 CW Program Game Changers are helping lead this next way of working by thinking ahead, empowering the market and helping drive success not just for their programs, but for the independent workforce as a whole.”

In an interview featured in CWS 3.0 last week, Zaino talked about how independent workers are empowered to have more control over where, when and with whom they want to work — and how. In this week’s issue, Bryan Peña, MBO Partners’ chief of market strategy, discusses the effects of technology and market forces on the ecosystem, and how the game changers of tomorrow fit in.