Winners have been announced for the Contingent Workforce Hackathon challenge at last month’s CWS Summit North America 2016 in Las Vegas.

At the CWS Summit last month, attendees were divided into teams and given real-world challenges in which they had to develop business cases in order to improve performance.

The four case studies in the Hackathon competition included developing a strategy to implement a total talent management program for a producer of adhesive products; a strategy to expand a contingent workforce program globally at an entertainment company that already has an internal MSP and VMS; develop a human cloud sourcing strategy for a restaurant chain operator and franchisor that uses a master supplier for lower skill roles and a vendor neutral solution for higher skill roles; and implement a formal contingent workforce program at a large technology company that previously had no MSP or VMS.

The teams were given an hour and a half to come up with business-case solutions after receiving the challenges, after which they could submit their solutions in writing. However, the Hackathon took place in the morning, and teams could also choose to write up their solutions and email them in at 7 p.m. that evening. All the winners emailed in their responses.

“I was really impressed by the way they worked together to come up with innovative solutions to these complex business problems,” said Bryan Peña, senior VP of contingent workforce strategies at Staffing Industry Analysts. “This sort of thinking is what we need in this industry to move us forward, and I look forward to further opportunities to innovation at future CWS forums. Also, it was a tough to pick one winner from dozens of submissions.”

The winners:

  • Challenge 1 — Human CLOUD
    • Winning team name: Meerkat
      • Facilitator: Matthew Dickason, Hays plc
      • Team member: Sheila Flikeid, Target Corp.
      • Team member: Julie Hicks, CSC
      • Team member: Mike Leiner, Target
      • Team member: Alisha Cowry, Best Buy
      • Team member: Laralyn Klesken, Esso
  • Challenge 2 — Global Expansion
    • Winning team name: Magpie
      • Facilitator: Jonathan Mannall, Hays plc
      • Team member: Laura Adams, American Airlines
      • Team member: Gloria Lemons, American Airlines
  • Challenge 3 — Total Talent Management
    • Winning team name: Penguin
      • Facilitator: Monica Lucero, MBO Partners
      • Team member: Koren St. Clair, Fannie Mae
      • Team member: Kristine Turner, Fannie Mae
      • Team member: Tiffany Williams, UCB
      • Team member: Promod Vohra, ACSI Corp.
  • Challenge 4 — New Program Challenges
    • Winning team name: Badger
      • Facilitator: Alex Patel, Staff Management
      • Team member: Dawn Brightsman, Northwestern Mutual
      • Team member: Patricia Cole, The Boeing Company
      • Team member: Chris Lund, Johnsonville Sausage
      • Team member: John Schwantes, Johnsonville Sausage