Frank Enriquez

About Frank Enriquez

Frank Enriquez, CCWP, is director of Contingent Workforce Strategies Council for SIA.

SOW: Determine where you can add value to your projects

|February 3rd, 2021|

Some steps to get your management of SOW to a mature level where you can begin to remove those blind spots. Build a fence around areas of intended focus.

Allow the MSP to work for you, reap the rewards

|December 22nd, 2020|

MSPs historically earn low scores from buyers. They can add more value. Allow your MSP to do more for your program and watch stakeholder satisfaction grow.

Remote work broadens the talent pool. How it can work in your favor

|November 4th, 2020|

Remote work may alleviate the talent shortage by expanding buyers’ access beyond their own locations. Other challenges arise from this, however, requiring buyers to develop a strategy to manage remote contingents.

Aligning perm and contingent data is vital to achieving TTM

|September 23rd, 2020|

Covid-19 has reinvigorated TTM, the holy grail of CW programs. But making perm data accessible and easily matched to contingent labor is critical.

Supplier solvency: Tracking how your providers are faring

|August 12th, 2020|

As economies falter amid the pandemic, so do many businesses. Contingent workforce programs will be impacted by the financial health of their staffing providers. Be proactive.

Cost-savings imperative is driving execs to eye SOW

|July 1st, 2020|

Amid the economic fallout of the pandemic, the C-suite will be looking for areas within their organization to capture more cost savings. The CW program can deliver via a focus on SOW arrangements.

The new office: Expect screening, testing and physical distancing for contingents, too

|May 6th, 2020|

This pandemic could be the leading driver to change the way we work, co-mingle and ultimately deliver results to support business goals and objectives. Some changes buyers see ahead.

Life after Covid-19: Mind the four Ps

|April 1st, 2020|

The pandemic has drastically altered the ecosystem. Here's what programs should keep in mind to ensure continued compliance and quality service.

Burdensome engagement manager workload calls for automation

|February 5th, 2020|

The CW program provides value to the company as a whole, but it may be adding to the engagement manager’s workload. Automating some processes can help ease their pain — and increase participation.

Throw out manual processes for program elevation

|December 4th, 2019|

Is your program still dealing with manual processes such as résumé screening or interview scheduling? Automate and watch those NPS scores shoot up.