Throw out manual processes for program elevation

Is your program still dealing with manual processes such as résumé screening or interview scheduling? Automate and watch those NPS scores shoot up.
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Global expansion: A studied approach

“Big-bang” has its place, but for expanding your program worldwide, a methodical approach may be your best bet.
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Uber loses London license over fake driver identities

Uber’s license to operate in London will not be renewed, Transport for London announced, saying safety concerns still surround the ride-hailing company despite its efforts to improve operations.
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Maine roofer’s OSHA fines now total $2 million

A Maine roofer who was previously fined $1.8 million — and who faces manslaughter charges in the workplace fatality of an independent contractor — sees $278,456 in new fines from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
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Virginia task force issues IC misclassification recommendations, suggests more teeth

Virginia’s task force on worker misclassification and payroll fraud issued a report outlining recommendations to combat misclassification.
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Supplier consolidation: An art form, not science

Too many suppliers lead to inferior service and candidate quality and leading programs are taking heed.
|November 20th, 2019|33 Comments

California Consumer Privacy Act set to take effect

California’s consumer privacy law, modeled after Europe’s GDPR, goes into effect Jan. 1. While companies that interact with California consumers should be getting ready, others should be taking notes, as more states may follow suit.
|November 20th, 2019|10 Comments

New Jersey turns up heat on IC misclassification

New Jersey has taken multiple actions on the independent contractor classification front, from proposing Dynamex-inspired legislation to charging Uber $642 million in back unemployment taxes on drivers the state considers employees.
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Buyers to pay $3.5 million in labor visa program violations

A group of farming companies operating in California and Washington will pay $3.5 million to settle US Department of Labor allegations they failed to comply with requirements of the H-2A visa program by favoring visa holders over US citizens, Bloomberg Law reports.
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Benchmarks: Global VMS market spend hits $170 billion

VMS worldwide spend grew 10% in 2018 from 2017, representing the 10th consecutive year of double-digit growth.
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