After Brexit: What happens to cross-border employment?

With just over two weeks until the UK leaves the EU, contingent workforce buyers should prepare for how a no-deal Brexit could affect their programs.
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Enhance your CW program: SIA Roadmap

Organizations looking to expand can use the SIA Optimization Roadmap, which provides individual activities necessary to establish CW program or improve an existing one.
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Employment law: California arbitration ban; New York IC status

California has 15 new employment-related laws, including an arbitration ban. Meanwhile, New York may follow the Golden State’s lead in addressing independent contractor classification.
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Technology evolution boosts hiring processes

Tech advancements will enable “quicker and slicker” services for CW programs, writes Senior Editor Craig Johnson in the Staffing Stream.
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Foodpanda, Uber Eats are employers: Taiwan

The Taiwanese ministry of labor says Foodpanda and Uber Eats are employers of those who deliver food for their platforms. Foodpanda has rejected that assertion, Focus Taiwan News Channel Reports.
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C-suite engagement brings program success

The benefits of a C-suite buy-in are numerous, including ensuring a program’s adoption within a company. But how do you get and hold the attention of top execs?
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New York investigates payroll industry after MyPayrollHR collapse

The state of New York looks at the payroll industry to determine whether more licensing is needed, the Wall Street Journal reports. Meanwhile, attorneys advise companies to routinely verify the actions of their payroll service providers.
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Uber launches staffing app

Uber Technologies Inc. is entering the more traditional contingent workforce staffing market with the rollout of its Uber Works industrial staffing app in Chicago.
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Supreme Court denies IC case review, ABC test stands

The US Supreme Court let stand a lower court finding that a federal law limiting state regulation of the trucking industry does not preempt New Jersey’s wage-and-hour law.
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Benchmarks: Gross margin and bill rate trends

25.3% was the average gross margin among 16 publicly traded staffing firms tracked by SIA in 2018.
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