Staffing firms improved in the eyes of buyers this year, but are still in the red when it comes to satisfaction.

Contingent buyers gave their primary staffing supplier a net promoter score (NPS) of -4% in the 2015 Contingent Buyer Survey conducted by Staffing Industry Analysts. NPS is a means of rating customer loyalty. Buyer gave their providers a -19% in the 2014 survey.

NPS is a measure of customer loyalty and can span from -100% to 100%. To calculate it, staffing buyers were asked “How likely are you to recommend your organization’s primary staffing supplier to a friend or colleague?” A negative NPS indicates a greater number of detractors (those that rate suppliers between 0 and 6 on a ten point scale) than promoters (those that provide a rating of 9 or 10).

By comparison, Southwest Airlines has an NPS of 62% while US Airways scores at -8%.

Buyers were asked the same question regarding their vendor management system, managed service provider and job boards. CWS Council and Staffing Industry Analysts corporate members can access the full results here.