California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced on Monday a stipulated judgment requiring to end labor practices that he said concealed Covid-19 case numbers from workers. The judgment also requires Amazon to provide information on workplace protections in line with California’s “right-to-know” law, Assembly Bill 685.

Bonta alleged Amazon didn’t adequately notify warehouse workers and local health agencies of Covid-19 case numbers.

The judgment requires Amazon to modify its Covid-19 notifications to workers and local health agencies, submit to monitoring and pay $500,000 toward further enforcement of California’s consumer protection laws.

“Today’s first-of-its-kind judgment will help ensure Amazon meets that requirement for its tens of thousands of warehouse workers across California,” Bonta said. “Bottom line: Californians have a right to know about potential exposures to the coronavirus to protect themselves, their families and their communities.”

AB 685 requires employers to notify workers of Covid-19 cases at their worksites, provide employees with information on Covid-related benefits and protections, share their disinfection and safety plan, and report Covid cases to local health agencies.

“We’re glad to have this resolved and to see that the AG found no substantive issues with the safety measures in our buildings,” an Amazon spokesperson told CNBC.