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March 29, 2023

Published by Staffing Industry Analysts

On your mark! Program performance versus maturity

Driving program change entails establishing where it stands in terms of performance and maturity. How to distinguish between the two concepts to propel adoption.

Union resurgence: Contingents in the gameplan, part 1

Contingent workforces are garnering more attention as unions seek to expand membership and tap into new industries. A look at the developing landscape.

Canada extends stopgap TFWP measures

Temporary measures introduced during the pandemic for Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program will be extended until Oct. 30.

Rideshare trade body seeks DOL nominee’s position on worker classification

Flex, the trade association representing platforms such as Uber and Lyft, seeks clarification on labor secretary nominee Julie Su's stance on the proposed worker classification rule.

Strategic solutions: New models tap collaborative approach

Traditional strategic planning models don’t take advantage of what the internet enables. A Harvard Business Review article discusses a new approach.

CW Program Game Changer in the spotlight

Each week we will highlight a 2022 CW Program Game Changer — a professional who has elevated their program to the next level. This week features Jessica Oakley, global head of external workforce at SAP.


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