A case against Google brought by a former worker in New York claiming misclassification as an independent contractor has been dismissed, according to court records. Plaintiff has waived all rights of appeal.

Attorneys for Google wrote in a letter to the court on July 14 that both sides had reached a settlement agreement in principle.

David Harrison of Harrison, Harrison & Associates, who represents the plaintiff, said he was unable to comment on the case.

The lawsuit’s complaint sought class-action status and said named plaintiff Jacob McPherson worked as a site merchandiser in the Google Play unit from January 2013 to December 2013 through an online staffing provider.

McPherson and other freelancers worked at Google’s Chelsea Market offices in New York and did the same work as W-2 employees; attended mandatory meetings; and were issued a cell phone, tablet and laptop by Google, according to the complaint. McPherson and other contingents were also required to complete set tasks during a set time frame, and they would not receive pay if the work took longer, the complaint said.

Parties in the lawsuit can have the settlement reviewed by the court, if they wish. However, they have until today to submit to the documents to the court.

McPherson was required to register at oDesk — now Upwork — to do the work. That company was dismissed from the lawsuit earlier.