Uncertainty is not always bad — it creates opportunities within the industry for innovation and efficiency.

Dawn McCartney, VP of SIA’s Contingent Workforce Strategies Council, delivered that message in her keynote address, “Preparing Your Contingent Workforce Program for Success in Uncertain Times,” at SIA’s annual CWS Summit. Held this week in London, the event welcomed more than 575 delegates and more than 290 companies from 21 countries.

“What I think is extremely important for us to remember, especially as we are starting to enter some of these new, uncertain times, is that uncertainty has been extremely good to us and our industry,” McCartney said.

She also highlighted that uncertainty resulting from the pandemic brought incredible growth and innovation to the staffing industry, including the growing acceptance of flexible and remote work as well as the increased usage of contingent work in a wide range of sectors.

“Let’s not forget, uncertainly brings good things,” she said.

McCartney’s keynote also focused on the ongoing global economic uncertainty and recent events such as the collapse of banks and inflation. She added that demand for talent continues during these uncertain times, and the industry — which rebounded from the pandemic and saw organizations move their digital footprints forward during that time — will continue to innovate.

Opportunities for the industry may come from the ongoing talent shortage, openness to flexible work and technology innovation and digital transformation. In addition, organizations implementing layoffs in the uncertain economy will find their remaining staff overly burdened with additional workloads and in need of contingent help.

Diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, direct sourcing initiatives, workforce globalization legislative actions and more will also bring opportunities to contingent workforce programs, their partners and the workforce ecosystem.

“What we have to remember is uncertainty isn’t always bad,” McCartney said. “And what it does is it gives us our opportunity. We were able to rebound like no other and have a resilience now — and we got that in face of the pandemic.”

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