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License to protect

Several countries worked to impose regulations on the staffing industry in 2018, but to what end? Examples show their effectiveness depends on their intent.
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Opposing H-1B program changes

A trade group voices its concerns over proposed rule while endorsing streamlining the visa process.
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Staffing client owes $600,000 after DOL wage investigation

A Pennsylvania company must pay in $598,366 in back wages, damages and penalties after its staffing firms underpaid its temporary workers.
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Contingent workforce growth: Economists update findings from 2016 study

The US contingent workforce appears to have grown less than first estimated, according to a report this month that follows up on a 2016 study by Harvard University professor Lawrence Katz and Princeton University professor Alan Kruger.
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Japan to open doors to 345,000 foreign workers as labor pool ages

A shrinking population and aging demographics have prompted Japan to re-evaluate its immigration stance and open its doors to foreign workers, CBC reports.
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