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Overtime at last: Complying With DOL’s proposed pay rule

The DOL announced a much-anticipated proposal to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime threshold. What it means to employers.
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Contract or control: Ninth Circuit vacates lower court IC ruling

A district court erred when it focused on the contract and not the control exerted over independent contractors, said the Ninth Circuit court in remanding the case.
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Victoria labor hire law starts next month

In a staffing firm licensing scheme going into effect in Victoria, Australia, client companies could face AUD$500,000 for using unlicensed staffing firms.
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Facility pays $100K in back pay to misclassified workers

A retirement home operator has paid $103,389 in back wages to 20 employees after the US Department of Labor determined they were misclassified as independent contractors.
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Safety check: Dwindling audit numbers raise red flags

A local editorial board sounded the alarm over workplace safety audits of staffing agencies in Ontario. Audits aside, workplace safety should be a paramount concern of every employer, writes Managing Editor Sharon Thomas in The Staffing Stream.
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