A staffing buyer in Illinois agreed to pay $85,000 in penalties and discontinue retaliation against temporary workers who filed sexual harassment complaints as well as take steps prevent future harassment, the Illinois attorney general announced Monday.

Vee Pak LLC, which does business as Voyant Beauty, packages beauty products in its Countryside, Illinois, facility.

The attorney general’s office reported Voyant used contingent workers from Alternative Staffing Inc. Female workers from the staffing firm were repeatedly sexually harassed by male mechanics at the facility, according to the report. Complaints to supervisors were not acted upon.

Sexual harassment claims were brought forward on July 8, 2019, when 50 workers signed a petition and submitted it to Voyant and the staffing firm. However, the attorney general’s office said Voyant and the staffing firm began retaliating against the employees who complained by reducing work hours.

Workers then protested on July 24, 2019, and the companies began terminating the workers who took part, according to the report. When news of the incidents reached the media and government, workers were allowed to return but with reduced shifts.

In addition to the $85,000 in penalties, Voyant also agreed to train its employees on sexual harassment and will appoint a monitor for a two-year period. Voyant is also prohibited from retaliating against employees. In addition, it will implement procedures to investigate claims of sexual harassment.