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June 19, 2019

Published by Staffing Industry Analysts

Changing Tides: Denials, revocations, unprecedented delays on H-1B visas

Obtaining temporary work visas for highly skilled foreign workers become increasingly difficult under President Trump. Firms now also report problems with keeping existing visas as well as decision delays.

On the Clock: Time to start tracking workers’ hours

A prominent feature in factories for more than a century, the time clock and its modern replacements have had little use for many employers. But a recent European court ruling may mean their return as businesses must track all workers’ hours — even for a post-Brexit UK.

Sponsored content: A talent resourcing bazaar, part 3

Our series on the development of the UK government’s complex program concludes with a discussion on the brand, the rewarding nature of government work and the approach to launch.

Premium research: US, Japan and UK dominate staffing agency spend

Worldwide, 14 countries accounted for 87% of the $490 billion in spend on staffing firm services.

Ontario fails to implement law to protect temp workers

The progressive conservative government has not created regulations necessary to enforce a law that would ensure companies that use temps are liable for their injuries.


* The Master Service Agreement and Supplier Agreement in an MSP Program

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