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December 5, 2018

Published by Staffing Industry Analysts

H-1B proposal would benefit higher-educated applicants

Proposed changes to the H-1B visa system would streamline the application process and increase the number of such visas going to workers with a master’s degree or higher, but business leaders raise concerns.

DOL: Two misclassifications bring $3.45 million in back wages

The US Department of Labor announced last week $3.45 million in back wages, damages and penalties from two separate cases in which companies were found to have misclassified workers as independent contractors.

OSHA issues new bulletin for work near hazardous energy

The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration spells out the responsibilities of the buyer and staffing provider when it comes to training temporary employees who will work around running machinery.

Company illegally fired former temp in workers’ comp case

A Massachusetts court ruled an employee who sued her employer over an injury she sustained as a temp — and for which she received workers’ comp benefits — was fired illegally.

Canada: British Columbia enacts temp foreign worker bill

While Ontario was overturning equal pay for temps and other recently enacted employment laws, British Columbia passed a temporary foreign worker protections bill. Attorney Daniel C. Lee discusses BC's Bill 48 in Montaq.


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