Mapping the world of contingent workforce management as it evolves is not simple. There are many nuances to this landscape, and as it evolves, rapidly emerging trends are changing how existing solutions are used. For instance, does your company or your suppliers frequently look for information on hard-to-find skills and solutions? If so, you should take a look at some tools from Staffing Industry Analysts that may be able to help you. SIA examines the entire ecosystem of contingent workforce solutions and has numerous reports to help you do your job.

To start, you can learn who is in our ecosystem and what that means via the “Workforce Solutions Ecosystem” report, which can help you better understand the wide variety of solutions in the workforce and how they fit. We have extensive information around industry segments like healthcare, IT, engineering, industrial, marketing/creative, office/clerical in addition to human cloud, payrolling compliance, job boards, VMS/MSP and more. Here’s more information that might be helpful to you as a buyer in three of the hottest segments.

Healthcare. Buyers in the healthcare arena can check out the range of healthcare staffing research we provide. A newsletter, yearly conference and dedicated analyst for this hot segment make this one of the most looked at by SIA customers. CWS Council members can check out the “Health Professional Shortage Area Interactive Tool” in addition to the “Healthcare Staffing Growth Assessment.” And any healthcare staffing buyer can sign up for the monthly “Healthcare Staffing Report” to get all the news around healthcare staffing including global temporary healthcare staffing revenue and impress the C suite at your company.

Information technology. Almost all of our buyers we speak with have high demand for IT staffing and knowledge, for which we also provide research, a monthly newsletter and a dedicated analyst. Our IT research section may give you the edge to find the talent or predict future needs. Both the “IT Staffing Growth Assessment” and the “Global Buyers Survey: Hardest-to-recruit skills” can give you insight into what is happening now and next year. You can also stay abreast of recent developments by looking at SIA’s “IT Staffing Report each month.

VMS/MSP. One of the areas we get asked most about is VMS/MSP. One of our most recent reports is “VMS Market Developments and Differentiators: Part 1,” which was written by a dedicated analyst who is focused on buyer needs. Want to know why some buyers don’t use VMS and MSP? Access this report to find out. Looking for technology? Consider watching the replay of our webinar “Contingent Workforce Technology – What defines state of the art and why does it matter?

Our analysts cover a vast area of contingent work. We look at areas like engineering (plus a monthly report), industrial, marketing/creative, office/clerical, human cloud, payrolling compliance, job boards and more. Being more informed about the workforce you engage through your supplier partners and relying on tools of the trade will ensure you have the knowledge to get your program the best talent available.