A poultry processing plant in Ormeau, Queensland, Australia, and its director were fined AUD 150,000 (US$118,023) over the use of unlicensed labor hire companies. Offenses were uncovered during an investigation in 2019.

B&E Poultry, the poultry processor that engaged the labor hire firms — what staffing firms are known as in Australia — was fined AUD 100,000 (US$78,682) and its director, Xu Chun Dong, was fined AUD 50,000 (US$39,341) on four counts of using an unlicensed labor provider to fill a range of roles at the factory.

Meanwhile, its labor hire providers were fined for providing labor hire services without a license. GY Services Pty. Ltd. and MK Sun Pty. Ltd. were both fined AUD 40,000 (US$31,473) and their respective directors fined AUD 15,000 (US$11,802) each. A third labor hire provider, K.T.D. Poultry Pty. Ltd., was fined AUD 60,000 (US$48,209).

The fines total AUD 370,000 with the addition of an AUD 50,000 (US$39,341) fine to Fancy Pty. Ltd. from last November for providing unlicensed labour hire services to the same site.

Queensland was the first Australian state to require labor hire firms be licensed. Since it implemented its requirement in June 2018, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory and South Australia have adopted such regulations.