Cara Kresge

About Cara Kresge

Cara Kresge is an associate with Brightfield Strategies, which consults with Fortune 500 companies on contingent workforce strategy initiatives.

The next frontier: Will the human cloud change CW management?

|March 30th, 2016|

While many companies remain uncertain, hiring via the human cloud holds great promise for cost savings and program efficiency.

Scrambling to determine worker classification? You have options

|December 16th, 2015|

“I was referred to someone with an excellent skill set who says they are an independent contractor, but my internal stakeholders disagree and now I can’t on-board them. Should I call a staffing agency? Do I create a deliverable-based statement of work? Where do I go for direction?”

If you’ve ever been in a situation like […]

Continuing to realize value from your MSP

|August 26th, 2015|

In this first part of a three-part series, we examine some common MSP program challenges, potential solutions and ways to increase the overall value of a contingent workforce program to an organization.

Recently, I worked with two separate clients that were in different stages of program maturity but were both looking to transform their contingent workforce […]