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About Kersten Buck, CCWP

Kersten Buck, CCWP, is vice president of global strategic solutions for Staffing Industry Analysts. She has extensive domestic and global experience in staffing and contingent workforce management. She can be reached at kbuck (at) staffingindustry (dot) com.

Do you want them engaged?

|March 29th, 2017|

How important is it to your company that your contract/nonemployee workforce feels a part of your success?

Ease Those Rules

|March 1st, 2017|

Some CW program rules are commonly broken. But is rogue spend the problem, or is it the rule? How to work with your stakeholders to keep them in the program.

Formalizing the Spend

|January 25th, 2017|

Is statement-of-work project management finally becoming a mainstream reality?

Plan for a successful 2017

|December 21st, 2016|

Some tactics to ensure you are prepared to propel your program into the New Year.

Collaborative conference experience to manage your nonemployees

|September 14th, 2016|

Varied options to overcome CW management challenges and optimize your supply chain in the gig economy.

Win the battle: Manage your SOW solutions providers

|August 3rd, 2016|

Now that you've convinced executives to bring SOW into the fold, it's time to think about managing SOW solution providers.

New ways of working call for new laws

|June 29th, 2016|

Employment methods and models are changing too rapidly for our current regulatory system.

Keep workers of all types engaged

|May 11th, 2016|

Using technology and applications to track contingent workers’ engagement and satisfaction levels.

Talent pools: A new sourcing tool?

|January 27th, 2016|

Talent pools have become a hot topic of late. But what are they and why are they gaining such traction?

Pay attention to redeployment & fight the talent wars successfully

|December 9th, 2015|

Many companies self-source a portion of their contingent workforce. An employee or manager may recommend the neighbor kid to work on a contract basis or the company may bring back retirees with legacy skills or tap independent contractors with specialized skills for a specific project. But what doesn’t get much attention is redeployment of agency […]