Most contingent workforce managers, 67%, faced an increase in bill rates for temporary workers across various industries over the past 12 months, according to SIA’s Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey 2024. However, the most common increase — representing 45% of contingent program managers — was small, falling between 1% to 5%. An additional 15% reported a slightly higher increase ranging from 6% to 10%; the same percentage noted no change in bill rates.

A total of 18% respondents reported a decrease in bill rates over the same period, while only 6% of respondents reported double-digit bill rate increases.

The survey asked participants, “What would you estimate is the average change in bill rate you have experienced for the supply of temporary agency workers over the past 12 months?”

Average change in bill rate for the supply of temporary agency workers, past 12 months

Source: SIA Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey 2024