Over the next few years, enterprise organizations will increasingly prioritize aligning contingent workforce diversity goals with those implemented for the employed workforce. SIA’s 2022 Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey reflects the responses of over one hundred companies with contingent workforce and RPO programs in the Americas and EMEA. When questioned about their current and future workforce strategies, creating a program for diverse suppliers is the most popular strategy concerning DE&I in the Americas and EMEA, 69% and 59%, respectively. The second most popular strategy relating to diversity was implementing a program to encourage candidate diversity, with 59% of respondents in both regions highlighting that this was already in place today.

Although only 30% (EMEA) and 35% (Americas) of companies currently have a program in place to align contingent workers to diversity goals, an overwhelming majority will be likely to explore this strategy in the next few years, 56% in EMEA and 52% in the Americas.

Source: Diversity, Equity and Inclusions Trends 2023