Supplier consolidation and programs for diversity suppliers are top-of-mind for contingent program managers as they head into the new year. As part of its annual Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey, SIA asks companies about their use of supplier management strategies, including what workforce strategies are currently in place in their organization or are likely to be seriously explored within two years.

More than two-thirds of respondents noted they are consolidating the number of staffing suppliers. The other three strategies that a majority of respondents noted having in place today are “program for diversity suppliers,” “supplier tiering” and “SOW included in CW program.”

Even strategies that fewer than 20% of respondents have in place today are seriously considered by a substantial number of respondents. For every workforce strategy listed here, at least half of respondents either have it in place or note they will likely seriously explore it in two years.

SIA’s 2020 Americas Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey was conducted in July-August 2020 and reflects the responses of 101 companies with contingent workforce and/or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) programs in the Americas region. SIA’s CWS Council members can access the full report for free online.