Spend worldwide through temporary staffing platforms reached $21.0 billion in 2022, representing a year-over-year increase of 58%, according to the “Temporary Staffing Platform Update: 2023” report released last week by Staffing Industry Analysts.

SIA’s Lexicon defines staffing platforms as “a segment of the staffing industry representing the automated/online version of the offline processes conducted by staffing firms.” They take the two-sided digital labor marketplace, ratings and other systems of online talent platforms but use the traditional staffing firm pricing model.

Examples of firms operating professional temporary staffing platforms include Aya Healthcare and Axiom; firms operating commercial temporary staffing platforms include Jobandtalent and Wonolo.

Overall, spend through temporary staffing firms grew 11% on a global basis, based on SIA’s “Global Staffing Market Forecast” report.

The growth trajectory of staffing platforms is resulting in the model representing a greater share of the global temporary staffing market. In 2022, temporary staffing platforms represented nearly 4% of the $582 billion global temporary staffing industry, up from a 3% share in 2021.

The “Temporary Staffing Platform Update: 2023” report is available to members of SIA’s CWS Council.