More than half of temporary workers reported working an assignment remotely at least some of the time in 2021, with remote work increasing from the previous year across every occupational segment examined by SIA in its annual survey of temporary workers.

SIA also asked temporary workers how important a work-from-home/remote option is to them, including whether they’d be willing to take a pay cut to do so.

As can be seen in Figure 1, 61% of temporary workers rated remote work a five or six on a one-through-six scale of importance to them, meaning it is highly valued; only 20% rated remote work a one or two, meaning it was not important to them.

Figure 1. “How important to you (on a 1-6 scale) is a work-from-home/remote option for temporary work?”

Meanwhile, as is evident in Figure 2, 55% of temporary workers would even go so far as to consider a pay cut if they could be allowed to work entirely remotely.

Figure 2. “If a non-local assignment were available on a work-from-home/remote basis but the hiring company was only willing to pay an amount less than you would typically get, is the work-from-home/remote work option important enough that you would be willing take lower pay?”

The “North America Temporary Worker Survey 2022: Prevalence of remote work among temporary workers, how much they value it, and advice on how to make it better” report is available to SIA’s CWS Council members.