Is your contingent workforce engine tuned up, fueled and ready for the next millennium? There are many ways you can get help including the right mix of information to create a comprehensive, strategic talent plan for the future. Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

Knowing the forecast of the staffing industry can help you and your supplier partners know what to expect in the next year in terms of supply and demand. The latest forecast was released last week by Staffing Industry Analysts; some highlights included a percentage-point decrease in temporary staffing to 4% due to a weaker economic backdrop. Your company may see the same trends in this forecast to use in your short-term strategy for contingent workforce planning. You could also use the forecast to analyze specific segments you use contingent workers in, such as IT, engineering, healthcare and many others. Our analysts are subject-matter experts on these segments and know the specific strengths, weaknesses and unique outlook for each.

We’ve also released an update to our Workforce Solutions Ecosystem, adding more to this go-to guide to share what tools are available to serve your program. This graphic and associated report outlines interconnected components of the contingent workforce solutions world centered around staffing and has recently added HR Tech. The report describes the Workforce Solutions as third-party products and services relating to the sourcing, engagement and development of employed and non-employed (including contingent) workers. Workforce Solutions includes the staffing industry and five other important segments; talent acquisition technology, process outsourcing, payrolling/compliance, contracting/consulting, and other workforce solutions. Understand the ecosystem and use it to drive your program forward.


For instance, if you are interested in how the gig economy will power and impact your contingent workforce program, there are a range of recently published reports and a brand-new conference covering the human cloud and beyond. You may be with us this week at Collaboration in the Gig Economy conference, and may be fully immersed in our discussions and panels regarding everything. If not, here are the range of research reports on the subject to keep you up to date:

Provide your leadership and your program with just the right mix of information and contribute to your knowledge so you have a comprehensive, strategic talent plan for the future. Use the reports you need to get and keep your contingent workforce engine tuned up, fueled and ready for the next millennium.