How can contingent workforce managers get a seat at the table and become part of the strategic decision-making process? What are the latest trends in statement of work? Where does total talent management stand? These questions and more are being discussed at the Contingent Workforce Summit Asia Pacific, which began today in Singapore.

The event kicked off with a keynote series of “Ted Talks” by contingent workforce managers and experts including:

  • Bryan Peña, VP, contingent workforce strategies & research, Staffing Industry Analysts
  • Graeme Robertson, senior VP, vendor manager, global human resources, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Christopher Minnick, executive VP, Brightfield Strategies
  • Peter Schmutzer, director purchasing, Intel Corp.
  • Dan Khublall, director, global contingent labor, Thomson Reuters

Peña summed up the keynote discussion with key points on how to “get a seat at the table” and become a strategic resource:

  • Develop acute organization IQ.
    • Drive transformational organizational change.
  • Deliver organizational value beyond price reductions and process efficiency.
  • Become the recognized source for market information.
  • Develop an eye for identifying risk in advance.
  • Design and organize for high performance — surround yourself with “A” players.
  • Engage stakeholders where they live — seek “discretionary effort”; don’t be happy with “malicious compliance.”
  • Develop strategy at the enterprise level and execute — ideate, identify, communicate, execute, maintain.
  • Be relevant and visible outside your four walls.
  • Pursue innovation and demand same — “best practices” are for the other guys.
  • Pursue program adoption first.

The CWS Summit Asia Pacific continues Thursday at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore with more contingent workforce speakers and presentations.