The US Department of Homeland Security last week issued its final rule imposing a nonrefundable $10 registration fee for each registration businesses submit for an H-1B visa. The department calculated the registration fees would cost US businesses $1.9 million, based on a five-year average of registrations.

The registration fee was approved by the Office of Management and Budget in August, and pertains to applications under the H-1B Visa Cap registration system. Currently, the annual cap for the foreign-worker visas is 85,000, while applications have far exceeded the cap in each of the last several years.

The $10 registration fee is separate from the H-1B petition filing fee and will be charged regardless of whether the petitioner’s registration is selected, DHS said. USCIS intends to implement the registration process for fiscal year 2021  — which takes place in April 2020 — subject to continued testing of the system.

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Source: Federal Registrar, US Department of Homeland Security