Companies that need to source and hire talent need ways to efficiently identify and credential candidates in order to quickly and safely fill open positions. But given consumer wariness about the way their data is used, some organizations are striving to redefine privacy to create an environment where consumers and brands thrive with intentionally consented relationships regarding data agency, data ethics, and data reciprocity. And with more governments imposing greater data protection regulation as exemplified by the European Union’s GDPR rules implemented in 2018, these can place quite onerous obligations on organizations to comply.

Enter blockchain-based solutions. Quite a few technology start-ups are developing credentialing solutions that use blockchain to facilitate credential verification and access, while having consumers store and own their verified credentials. The “Trends in Digital Credentialing: A Review of Blockchain-based Solutions,” available to CWS Council members, discusses the benefits of digital credentialing and the challenges in commercial deployment and scaling, enabling readers to make informed decisions on when to participate in this emerging blockchain-based ecosystem.