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Last call: Game Changers nominations due Friday

The deadline to nominate yourself or a colleague for this year’s CW Program Game Changers list [1] is this Friday, June 24.

In its fifth year, the list honors individuals working in contingent workforce management roles around the globe — particularly those pushing the space forward and breaking new ground.

To qualify, a candidate must be an employee of the enterprise organization engaging the talent. Examples of professionals who would be eligible include, but are not necessarily limited to, a VP of HR sponsoring the program, an individual in the finance department responsible for program compliance, the head of talent acquisition accountable for managing the contingent workforce or a procurement guru whose team handles the staff augmentation and statement-of-work contracts. Program sponsors such as the CFO or the CEO who are not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the program are not eligible, nor are employees of an MSP working on-site at the enterprise organization.

Please note: For jointly managed programs, we ask for individual nominations per manager; team nominations will not be accepted. Self-nominations, however, are welcome. Also, please take the time to nominate your peers.

The nomination survey for the 2022 list, sponsored by KellyOCG, closes June 24 [1].