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Governance: Setting up for success in a geographically expanding program, Part 3

US-based programs have exhibited a desire to expand globally based on last year’s Buyer Survey conducted by Staffing Industry Analysts. According to the survey, 21% of programs were looking to expand services to Asia-Pacific over the next four years and 16% to 24% were looking to Europe and South Amercia respectively.

Buyers frequently ask how they can go about bring their programs global. What key questions do you need to answer to be able to effectively grow a program geographically? In the first part of this series, I addressed program readiness [1]. Part two considered key components of a strong governance team [2]. In this final installment, I address some ideas on how you will support the change and help make it stick.

Key change considerations include:

Always keep the “Think global, act local” mind-set. We’ve all heard it but often forget to act this way. Ask yourself how are you implementing this principle?

Lastly, a few more nuggets of wisdom. Make sure the program is fully fit for your scope and don’t be afraid to bundle countries, creating waves of countries to enable quicker returns. Assess the risk and scope and adjust the governance processes and resourcing accordingly. Tune and fine tune the program with ongoing engagement from key stakeholders. Every organization has slightly different needs. Be wary of project duplication, wasted efforts and frustrated teams. Be ready for objections and ensure you have the change agents ready to fly the flag of the program high.

SIA has produced a number of Council webinars with global rollout case studies, for more information, available here [3].