Meet the women who have helped guide the $498 billion staffing ecosystem through a global pandemic and period of social unrest, and by extension, have enabled contingent workforce programs to navigate a year of uncertainty.

Staffing Industry Analysts yesterday announced the Global Power 150 — Women in Staffing list for 2020. In its sixth year, this annual list recognizes women for their excellence as leaders and influencers in the global talent marketplace.

If anything, the pandemic and social unrest this year have forced executives to think about the type of leaders they want to be. As Covid-19 hit, companies had to pivot quickly to a remote workforce. Decisions had to be made — and fast. There was no playbook. Throughout our ecosystem, leaders were doing their utmost to keep in mind the best interests of their teams and communities.

It is from this group that we draw the honorees for the 2020 Global Power 150 — Women in Staffing list, which is sponsored by Bullhorn. These professionals are doing what it takes to boost the bottom lines of the businesses they serve while ensuring the safety and health of those under their employ. In addition, they have also devoted themselves to developing and guiding diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives amid renewed focus on these issues. They are dedicated to their firms’ women leadership programs and involved in efforts to serve females in their communities as well.

Leading with compassion, the Global Power 150 — Women in Staffing honorees have helped shape a $498 billion global industry. We have a mix of professionals — CEOs, entrepreneurs, division heads, technologists, workforce specialists, operational gurus, attorneys — on the list. Some make a big splash; others work quietly but their impact is no less profound.

“The Global Power 150 – Women in Staffing 2020 are redefining leadership in their decisions, their compassion and their service to their teams and communities,” said Subadhra Sriram, editor and publisher, media products at SIA. “In a year rife with disruption and with ripple effects disproportionally impacting women and communities of color, this year’s honorees are steadfast in their commitments to diversity and to building resilient and inclusive organizations as they take their businesses, and the ecosystem, forward.”

The Global Power 150 – Women in Staffing are profiled online.