As programs explore altering their supplier pipelines, as Jo Matkin discussed in CWS 3.0 last month, they can look to Staffing Industry Analysts’ reports to identify firms that can be a fit for their needs. One such report is the Largest Staffing Firms in the US list, which, in its 2020 annual update, comprises 175 companies that generated at least $100 million in revenue in 2019.

From the enterprise buyer perspective, an SIA-vetted list of staffing firms such as the Largest US Staffing Firms list is extremely valuable, says Dawn McCartney, VP, CWS Council. “If a buyer wanted to obtain all of the information that is provided in this one report, it could take several days and probably would not net the same results,” she says.

A buyer organization may use this list to see if any of their supplier partners are included or to identify some that they may wish to consider engaging with. “It is not always easy to understand a staffing provider’s core business or segment focus just by their name, so many use this report when looking to identify a supplier with a strong focus on a particular type of talent such as industrial, educational, IT, etc.”

While the staffing industry is fragmented, with an estimated 9,000 staffing firms nationwide, “the 175 companies in this year’s report represent 63.5% of the market and with a combined revenue of $97 billion indicate an industry well-positioned to weather the impact of the pandemic,” said SIA President Barry Asin. “As the US navigates and recovers from the current disruption, many organizations will look to utilize temporary and interim workers to meet shifting demand and maintain an active and agile workforce.”

The top five largest firms’ rankings are unchanged from the previous year’s report, with the Allegis Group again leading as the largest firm in the US this year, with $10.5 billion in US staffing revenue and 6.9% market share.

The top five staffing firms in the US are:

Company 2019 US Staffing Revenue ($million) Market Share Largest segment(s)
 Allegis Group 10,481 6.9%  IT, Industrial
 Randstad Holding 4,763 3.1%  Industrial, IT, Office/clerical
 Adecco 4,300 2.8%  Industrial, Office/clerical
 Robert Half International 3,831 2.5%  Finance/accounting, Office/clerical, IT
 Kelly Services 3,481 2.3%  Industrial, Engineering

A total of 23 firms are included in this year’s report that did not appear in last year’s version. The Largest Staffing Firms in the US list is available online to CWS Council and SIA corporate members.