The VMS is the tool that our ecosystem loves to take potshots at. And though buyers have given it a low promoter score, the fact is they use — and rely — on the VMS.

A survey of staffing buyers by Staffing Industry Analysts found that 72% used a VMS — it was the most common supplier management strategy. In addition, 19% who didn’t have a VMS planned to explore the option within the next two years.

However, more than half of staffing firms are dissatisfied with the vendor management systems they use, according to a report by Bullhorn, a software supplier to staffing firms, and Inavero, an organization that administers staffing agency client and talent satisfaction surveys.

The report’s survey of responses from more than 600 staffing firms found that 15% were extremely dissatisfied with VMS and 40% were somewhat dissatisfied. That adds up to 55% of staffing firms dissatisfied with VMS.

Only 4% reported they were extremely satisfied with VMS.

Top frustrations for staffing firms included inability to ask hiring managers clarifying job order-related questions, the metrics programs that VMS uses to judge performance and time spent submitting candidates.

The report also discussed ways staffing firms could improve their experience with VMS such as increasing automation in their work flows.

VMS business represented 30% of revenue for staffing firms in the survey.