Introducing the women whose work to uplift the $445 billion global staffing industry has by extension helped contingent workforce programs navigate the continuing global pandemic.

Staffing Industry Analysts on Tuesday announced the 2021 Global Power 150 – Women in Staffing list for 2021. In its seventh year, this annual list recognizes women for their achievements as well as their attempts to elevate the ecosystem in a variety of ways.

While their contributions and their careers have been remarkable, so have the efforts many of them have made in the last year to build their communities, including their DE&I initiatives. These honorees have been working to pave the way for a more equitable future of work. The 2021 list spotlights their efforts to uplift varied communities by knocking down barriers to their advancement while providing them with employment opportunities through new and tested methods.

“Through the compilation of the 2021 Global Power 150 – Women in Staffing list, we see that despite great odds, the women in our industry are actively advocating for equality in the workplace for other women, as well as historically excluded groups, by mentoring and developing training and other programs and partnerships to lift each other up,” says Subadhra Sriram, editor & publisher, media products at SIA. “The progress may be slow and results yet unseen, but the first steps have been taken. And this is a huge step forward for the ecosystem as we move towards a more inclusive and diverse world of work.”

The Global Power 150 – Women in Staffing list is sponsored by Bullhorn.

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