Interest is growing in statement-of-work consulting, according to data from Staffing Industry Analysts. It’s one of the topics on the agenda for next week’s CWS Summit Europe in London.

Looking at the data, the most recent SIA survey of buyers found that 33% of large companies that use staffing plan to moderately increase their use of SOW consultants over the next 10 years, and another 10% plan a significant increase. Only 18% planned a decrease, and 39% said use would be about the same.

In addition, more firms are looking at getting SOW spend under control.

Greater interest in SOW ranks among one of the biggest changes over the year since the last CWS Summit Europe, said Peter Reagan, director, Contingent Workforce Strategies & Research (EMEA & APAC), at SIA.

“The most common topic — apart from legislation of course — has been the interest in the correct classification of statement of work, and organizations either embarking on the journey to get this spend under control or at least looking to do that in the coming few years,” Reagan said. “SOW spend has traditionally been off procurement’s radar and the need for correct worker classification — and of course savings — is driving this.”

And when looking ahead, online staffing appears a growing trend.

“Technology and in particular online staffing platforms,” Reagan said. “We are seeing an adoption gap at the moment whilst those early adopters build case studies,” he added. “The jury is still out on what should have an impact this will make and which type of workers will be most suited to these platforms, but we are seeing more and more organizations and MSPs are engaging with them.”

Other global contingent workforce topics set for discussion include:

  • VMS
  • MSP
  • The General Data Protection Regulation in Europe, or GDPR
  • Artificial intelligence
  • IR35, a UK law targeting “disguised employment”
  • Aligning RPO/MSP programs across regions
  • Technology

In addition, the summit includes a contingent workforce hackathon where attendees team up and compete to solve contingent workforce challenges. For more, read about the winners of last year’s North America Hackathon.

The CWS Summit Europe runs from April 24 through April 25. It will be followed the Collaboration in the Gig Economy event covering the total workforce solutions ecosystem.