Staffing Industry Analysts’ contingent workforce management conference for the Asia Pacific region wrapped up today in Singapore. Some 115 companies were represented at the event, which included contingent workforce managers, suppliers and industry experts.

SIA research shows that 24% of the workforce in APAC is contingent compared to the global average of 22%.

Here are some highlights from the conference sessions:

  • Contingent workforce managers should avoid herd behavior by consulting with program stakeholders on an individual basis.
  • Use tenure limits as an opportunity to stop and reassess contingent worker contribution.
  • Think strategically about supplier scorecards.
  • If your program fails, go back and review the RFX process.
  • To this day, statement-of-work is sometimes used as a hiding place for staff augmentation.
  • One of the first steps to understanding the contingent workforce environment is learning the right language to use. And SIA’s contingent workforce lexicon is available for free online.

The conference highlighted the changing nature of work.

Futurist Ross Dawson warned CWS Summit Asia Pacific attendees that technology may destroy more jobs than it creates. But you will know that routine work has finally come to an end once robots serve you French fries at fast food restaurants.

Some people believe that artificial intelligence and robots could be part of the workforce solutions ecosystem. A new report by SIA also details what that may look like.

The next contingent workforce events will be the CWS Summit North America from Sept. 11 through Sept. 12, followed by the Collaboration in the Gig Economy conference, Sept. 13 and 14, both in Dallas.