Technology is enabling a whole new realm when it comes to the way we work today and how we will work in the future. First, work in general is changing, with technology making many occupations more flexible in terms of when, where and how the work is performed, especially in many professional and high tech areas. This in turn will affect how we look at temporary, flexible and regular employment, especially as shifts in worker preference take hold and benefits change.

The way we hire is different as well, as worker preferences have blended with light-speed tech advancements. Before they even apply for a job, workers know more about the companies they apply to, the job, the pay and the culture. Think of all the information we now have at our fingertips through social media, video interviews, online applications, onboarding, assessment — the list goes on. Tools that use artificial intelligence to find the best skills combined with the best cultural fit and favorable geo-location in real time will be used in the future. While they already exist, they are emerging to become bigger and bigger influences in hiring. Just-in-time staffing is no longer a futuristic idea; it exists in a variety of platforms for a variety of occupations.

Finally, there’s total talent management, another way we will look at work in the future that will be defined and driven by technology and visibility. Total talent management is the next evolution in workforce procurement and a major step for companies to leverage their talent. It begins the discussion to prompt organizations, used to dealing with their work requirements in silos to look at their entire workforce as one. Look here to find guidance if you are seeking a more proactive and holistic approach to enterprise workforce challenges.

Compelling demographic trends, globalization and technological innovation combined with economic uncertainty and skills shortages are quickly driving how work looks now and in the future. At some point the multitude of solutions will bring clarity to the power of tech and enable a whole new realm of choices when it comes to the way we seek, engage and manage work.

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