Staffing firms may play a more strategic role in the future, SIA President Barry Asin said in his keynote at the Executive Forum North America. The event is a gathering of top staffing industry executives being held this week in Miami Beach, Fla.

“I think we’re seeing a more strategic future for your world,” Asin said. “A more strategic future and in some ways a more challenging future.” He mentioned that anticipating client problems and providing resulting solutions would be the key to supplier success in the future. As the workforce solutions ecosystem gains in complexity and rapidly evolves, suppliers need to stay ahead of the market by supporting their client’s business and having the right legal environment.

Asin cited Staffing Industry Analysts’ data based on a survey of large buyers of staffing services that asked what contingent management strategies they planned to introduce in the next two years. Those strategies and percent of firms that planned to introduce them included:

  • Total talent acquisition — 48%
  • CW as part of strategic planning — 48%
  • Trying new staffing suppliers — 42%
  • Global management of CW — 42%
  • Company career site for CW — 40%
  • Analytics for benchmarking rates — 35%
  • Managing SOW in programs — 32%

Asin also told firms that what brought success to the staffing industry in the past won’t necessarily bring it success in the future. Although the future for staffing is looking good now, with US staffing revenue at $140.7 billion — nearly double what it was 20 years ago — and a growing penetration rate.

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