Staffing Industry Analysts released its third annual 2020 CW Program Game Changers list today, a recognition of individuals around the world who are taking contingent workforce management to the next level.

This year’s list is sponsored by KellyOCG, a talent supply chain strategies and workforce solutions provider, and those on the list will be honored next week during SIA’s annual CWS Summit North America.

These Game Changers have done what it takes to educate the ecosystem while elevating the space. Their accomplishments range from getting recognition for the field in the boardroom to administering the program to keeping up with new tech and making innovation possible.

“Even before the pandemic hit, these professionals were moving mountains and gaining the notice of their peers and the ecosystem,” says Subadhra R. Sriram, editor and publisher, media products, for SIA.

And while the work for which they were nominated happened prior to Covid-19, since the pandemic, the 2020 Game Changers have been at the forefront of the changing world of work. “These game changers are innovators, trying varied approaches with the talent while adopting new technologies. They helped evolve workforce models, have been responsible for educating internal stakeholders — including the C-suite and their staffing partners — while working hard to keep their organizations and programs running smoothly,” Sriram adds. “We are so proud to feature the 2020 class.”

“Today organizations are relying on contingent workers for flexibility and business continuity more than ever. That’s because the pandemic turned traditional workforce strategies upside down, dramatically shifting the way people want to work and how they will engage with work,” says Tammy Browning, president KellyOCG. “CWM experts understand the value of a contingent workforce. To be a game changer means you’re constantly pushing the boundaries of your program, while challenging the industry to think different about this in-demand talent pool. We’re thrilled to join SIA in recognizing and thanking the honorees for their continued commitment to elevate the importance of contingent workers.”

The 2020 CW Program Game Changers are profiled online.