The trend in remote work among temporary workers has surged in popularity, with more than half of temporary workers, 51%, reporting they worked an assignment remotely at least some of the time in 2023 — 36% had completed entire assignments remotely, while 15% worked an assignment partly remotely.

Did you work any temp staffing assignments remotely/at home in 2023? [N=2,539]

However, nuances in remote work trends across occupations and pay scales reveal a complex landscape. Higher-paid workers and/or those in professional occupations (excluding healthcare practitioners) worked entire assignments remotely. Even segments like office and administrative support workers saw notable remote work adoption, with 18% completing entire assignments remotely.

Share of temporary workers working remotely, as a function of temporary worker hourly wage, age and occupation [N=64-598] 

Interestingly, despite the prevalence of remote work among higher-paid workers, some occupations with the highest usage — computer/math and business/financial — experienced gradual declines in total usage over the 2020-2023 period, while segments with lower levels of usage — healthcare practitioners and production workers — have seen slight increases.

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Source: SIA’s North America Temporary Worker Survey 2024