As the talent shortage continues unabated, companies are employing various methods for attracting and retaining workers. For SIA’s most recent Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey” report, we asked respondents what actions they have taken, if any, to address talent shortages over the past 12 months.

The top action taken to address talent shortages was raising pay rates (done by 71% of firms). Other actions taken by a majority of respondents include allowing more flexibility in the use of remote contingent workers (59%) and changing vendors (57%).

All of the respondents who primarily use the engineering staffing segment reported changing vendors; 87% of finance/insurance companies raised pay rates; and 83% of finance/insurance companies allowed more flexibility in the use of remote contingent workers.

Just 7% of companies reported that they had not taken any action to address talent shortages this year, further reiterating that the talent shortage is widespread.

The Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey 2022 Americas report is available to SIA’s CWS Council members.