Organizations considering global expansion of their CW programs to other countries need to consider the complexity of the market in which they hope to set up. But with so many factors affecting a market’s viability, how is a company to know what will be a good place to start? In a new report, Staffing Industry Analysts took at a look at a number of criteria to rate the markets of more than 50 countries for their complexity on a number of employment issues.

The report ranks countries on these 11 criteria:

  • Staffing market maturity
  • Temporary agency work regulations
  • Independent contractor usage
  • MSP/VMS maturity
  • Labor market efficiency
  • Employment regulation rigidity
  • Trade Union Influence
  • Enforcing contracts
  • Pricing environment
  • Political stability
  • Higher education and training

According to the report, which is available to CWS Council members, contingent markets can be grouped into geographical clusters, as neighboring (or culturally similar) markets tend to exhibit similar characteristics. The report ranks well-developed markets through emerging markets.

Because not all programs have the same priorities, Staffing Industry Analysts also made available a tool to enable program managers to refine the report’s findings further by weighting each of the 11 scoring components based on their organization’s preferences. For instance, if you have no plans to implement either an MSP or a VMS, the “MSP/VMS maturity” criteria will not be relevant for you.

The Excel-based Market Complexity Assessment Tool enables users to conduct their own assessment based on the indicators that they perceive as more relevant to their business case.