Staffing Industry Analysts is announcing a new website which is expected to launch in March.

Access to all of SIA’s research, tools and information for corporate members and CWS Council members will be available on the new website, along with complimentary subscriptions to SIA’s publications and newsletters.

To continue accessing SIA’s corporate membership, CWS Council or CCWP content, you will need to reestablish your existing SIA account. Setting up your account for the new website will take just a few minutes and will ensure that you continue to have the information and business intelligence you need.

The date, formerly Jan. 31, was extended to ensure the highest quality experience for SIA members and news audience.

What You Need to Know/FAQs

Will the website address change? No, the website address/URL will remain the same:

Do I need to do anything now? No. Right now, nothing has changed, and you can continue to use SIA’s site as you normally would. We will send you an email to help you reestablish your existing SIA account for our new site.  At that time, you will need to follow the instructions provided and log in to the new site.

How long will it take to reestablish my account? Setup will take just a few minutes.

Will I still be able to access SIA research and other content? Yes, you will be able to access all of the reports and information that you currently have access to, provided that you reestablish your account with us once the new site is live.

What features should I be aware of on the new site? The new site features an improved user interface, enhanced content and easy navigation to empower you to access the research, trends and information you need in your role and to engage with the perspectives, insights and real-time data that SIA delivers. We are also excited to feature the new CWS Council Portal, a dedicated area on our site with exclusive access for CWS Council members. We welcome your feedback once we are live!

(This story has been updated to reflect the extended launch date.)