It’s OK to accept a little extra help.  

Even if contingent workforce programs have their own recruitment teams, one in five can benefit from an RPO’s help with sourcing and selection.   

For one, they offer additional sourcing expertise or resources to build greater talent pipelines. This can be particularly useful for CW programs that are launching in new locations where internal teams have not yet been established. 

Recruitment process outsourcing can help contingent workforce programs in sourcing and selection.

 More often, about 80% of reported buyers utilize an “end-to-end RPO” service from initial sourcing activity to agreeing contracts. Of this group, 44% of contracts include onboarding services and a further 16% include exit interviews, which can be valuable for informing future talent acquisition and retention plans.  

The other category includes providers that are offering pure sourcing services.

Source: RPO Global Landscape 2023