Supplier management

Back in the building

|February 24th, 2021|

Working from home is not an option for many businesses. As the world recovers from the pandemic, here are some ideas to woo contingent workers back to physical locales.
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Apple penalizes supplier after problems at facility in India

|December 22nd, 2020|

Apple Inc. has put an iPhone manufacturer on probation — and will not award it new business — for breaching its code of conduct after violence broke out at the supplier’s facility over alleged nonpayment to contingent workers.

Say hello to the RFS

|December 2nd, 2020|

Why traditional tactics may be holding your program back — and what you should use instead. From the RFP to contract length, it’s time to evolve your program’s approach.

Looking to shape up your supplier pool? Identify suppliers via SIA lists

|November 4th, 2020|

As programs explore altering their supplier pipelines, they can look to Staffing Industry Analysts’ reports to identify firms that can be a fit for their needs, such as the Largest US Staffing Firms list, released recently.

Shopping around: Both buyers and MSPs want lucrative opportunities

|October 21st, 2020|

After the chaotic first months of the pandemic, buyers are exploring new supplier relationships. Here are three potential factors driving this market activity.

2020 CW Program Game Changers list is live

|September 9th, 2020|

Staffing Industry Analysts released its third annual 2020 CW Program Game Changers list today, a class of more than 40 individuals around the world who have been at the forefront of the changing world of work. Read about how they are moving mountains here.

Beer brand Sam Adams may share liability in temp’s discrimination suit

|September 9th, 2020|

Sam Adams must face temp worker’s racial discrimination lawsuit after judge finds potential for the company to share liability with its staffing provider.

Prep your program amid Covid-19 and beyond

|September 2nd, 2020|

While unemployment remains high amid the pandemic, the pendulum will swing back toward a challenging labor market. How to prepare your program for the upcoming shift.

Sourcing model framework: Is it time to review?

|August 26th, 2020|

As your program and the marketplace evolve, you should revisit your framework to ensure it still aligns well and closely supports your program’s goals and objectives. Here are some considerations.

Bold Predictions: Partnerships will be the path to dominate the FMS landscape

|August 26th, 2020|

A program manager discusses freelancer management systems and the need for providers to partner with programs’ MSPs, in the Staffing Stream.