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New US tax law incentivizes good employer behavior

The new law provides carrots for employers in areas impactful to women in the workplace.
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Beyond NPS: Scores only tell part of the story

Do you actually understand what is important to your stakeholders and how specific elements of your service are valued? That analysis is where your true CW program value is optimized.
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Lawsuit adds fuel to long-running debate at Port of Los Angeles

Los Angeles hauls trucking firms into court alleging the misclassification of more than 400 truck drivers as independent contractors.
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Lead with strength: Focus on your assets

Keep it positive when creating those resolutions: plan with your strengths in mind, advises a blog post on The Staffing Stream.
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Trump admin backs off proposal to cull foreign tech workforce

USCIS reverses course on a policy shift on foreign tech industry workers' visa duration, The Sacramento Bee reported.
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