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Total talent management: Meaningless chatter or vital?

The concept of TTM is important as an acknowledgment that talent is more than an expense line and can be a true competitive differentiator when properly leveraged.
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US legislation proposes ‘safe harbor’ to avoid IC misclassification

A federal legislative proposal aims to help address independent contractor classification, creating a set of criteria as guidance and establishing protections to limit employer liabilities.
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Notes from APAC: CWS Summit concludes

Staffing Industry Analysts’ contingent workforce management conference for the Asia Pacific region wrapped up today in Singapore. Here are some highlights.
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Independent workers: The barbell effect

Independent work has evolved to become a coveted way to work, writes MBO Partners’ CEO Gene Zaino in a Staffing Industry Review Online Showcase article. In fact, he says, growth trends indicate that independent work has finally hit a maturation point.
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Temp fails to prove ADA discrimination in job loss

An appeals court affirms a lower court’s ruling that a buyer’s decision to drop a temp being treated for breast cancer wasn’t discriminatory.
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