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If you build it, they may not come

The best-designed program will flop if stakeholders don’t embrace it. How to predict — and improve — the likelihood of program adoption.
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Danger, Will Robinson! Center to study robot safety

Robots may be part of contingent worker mix in the future, but are they safe? With 61 workplace deaths caused by robots, a new center is set to study their safety implications.
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A model shift with different players

Randstad North America’s CEO, Linda Galipeau, talks about the gig economy, artificial intelligence, disruption and the future of the workforce solutions ecosystem in an exclusive interview with Staffing Industry Analysts.
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The new economic order: Wage stagnation?

Despite tight labor markets across the globe, wage growth has yet to materialize, the Las Vegas Sun reports.
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Cheerleaders score a round in IC misclassification lawsuit against Buffalo Bills

Appeals court upholds lower court ruling granting class action status to case.
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