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Winds of change in the world of work

New parties sweeping into power usher in changes in legislative agendas. Many countries have seen a shifting employment law landscape.
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On-demand firm negotiating IC misclassification payout

While food delivery service foodora exits Australian market, union calls for greater IC scrutiny
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Trucking group sues California over ABC test ruling

California truckers sue to stop the enforcement of the state’s new ABC standard for independent contractor classification.
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The Global Power 150 — Women in Staffing

We celebrate the women who have elevated and shaped the $461 billion global staffing industry – and by extension, have helped fuel the success of your contingent workforce programs.
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Court sides with DoorDash in forcing arbitration

A US District Court judge granted DoorDash Inc.’s motion to compel arbitration in an independent contractor misclassification lawsuit, National Law Review reports. 
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