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SOW spend visibility: Engage your ecosystem, starting with VMS.

Leveraging partner and stakeholder know-how in deploying SOW management technology infrastructure.
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Misclassification workers brings $700K+ in penalties

A construction company faces $767,095 in penalties after misclassifying 65 workers as independent contractors at a job site in Hawaii.
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IC case attorney takes heat for silence on $2 million deal

A federal judge in a misclassification lawsuit criticized the defendant's attorney last week for not notifying the court of a $2 million settlement in a similar case in state court.
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Finding right talent sourcing a mix of art and science

Choosing the right sourcing models to deliver the optimal workforce mix is very complex, SIA's John Nurthen tells the Business Reporter.
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You want what?

If candidates undergo unnecessary background checks, you’re the one who will pay for it, writes contingent worker Ellen Wall in Staffing Industry Review.
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Check your engines: CW research for the gig economy and beyond

There are many ways to ensure your contingent workforce engine is tuned up, fueled and ready for the next millennium.
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