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The global myth

Companies branching out beyond their national borders often claim “global” status. Why that label is a misnomer and why seeking out multiple MSPs might make for the most optimal service delivery.
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The smell test

When choosing a supplier or product, journalistic integrity matters. Why and how to verify the veracity of sales pitches, research and other materials.
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New York’s ‘Freelance Isn’t Free’ law now in effect

New York City's new freelancer law put in place new rules, effective Monday, on how buyers must deal with independent contractors.
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Overcome resistance to change

Change efforts have a failure rate of 50% to 75%. Sally Blount and Shana Carroll of the Kellogg School of Management discuss identifying those in resistance and how to converse with them to improve your effort's chances in Harvard Business Review.
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Double exposure: Protect against cyber threats

An article in the May issue of Staffing Industry Review magazine highlights what staffing firms need to do to protect client data from cyber attacks.
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