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Sustaining your program’s CW competitive advantage

Like any service organization, the CW program has competitors in the marketplace. Here’s how to keep your program at the top of its game.
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Supreme Court: Trucking company cannot force arbitration in IC case

All transportation workers are exempt from the Federal Arbitration Act, which otherwise deems arbitration binding, the court ruled.
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State attorneys general oppose changing joint employer rule

Attorneys general from 10 states and the District of Columbia opposed the NLRB’s proposed revision of the joint-employment rule in a letter sent last week; separately, the agency extended the comment deadline on the rule.
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Drivers in France prevail over Uber in IC case

A Paris court ruled an Uber driver was an employee because the driver was dependent on the ride-hailing app for his work.
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You’ve got great data, but what does it mean?

Many companies fail to capitalize on their data science. Often, the problem lies in the “last mile,” in communicating the meaning of the data to decision-makers and the c-suite, according to Harvard Business Review.
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