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Bypassing the (UK) courts: Unions and the gig economy

A groundbreaking deal between a courier delivery firm and a union on behalf of independent workers may breathe new life into independent worker unionization efforts.
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Farms are joint employers with staffing firm in EEOC discrimination case

Two farms in Washington state were found to be joint employers with a staffing provider in a discrimination lawsuit brought by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
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DOL recovers $5.6 million in back pay for hurricane recovery contractors

Independent contractor misclassification and other violations led to the recovery of $5.6 million in back wages and benefits owed to 993 workers performing hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.
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Bills would make it easier for workers with H-1B visas to get green cards

Two bills that would remove per-country caps for employment-based green cards were introduced last week in the US House and Senate.
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Instacart backpedals on drivers’ pay policy; Door Dash, Amazon Flex stay course

Instacart will stop using customers’ tips to offset its minimum pay obligation, but Door Dash and Amazon Flex are sticking with similar policies, Forbes reports.
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