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Tomorrow’s tech needs: Keep your program ahead of the curve

Technology continues to change human behavior. Don’t be complacent. Keep your program prepared for the next innovation.
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Worker, Employee, IC or Dependent?

A UK report has called for a new term to be used to bridge the gap between a traditional worker and an independent contractor. What that means and why it matters.
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Calif. files $6 million misclassification case against construction firm

The California Labor Commissioner’s office sued Calcrete Construction Inc. for $6.3 million in a IC misclassification case that was brought to its attention by a union-affiliated nonprofit.
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NC governor signs misclassification law

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper signed legislation last week addressing employee misclassification, according to US News and World Report.
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Will conventional ways of work change?

BW Businessworld explores to what extent the rise of the gig economy will affect the way work gets done.
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