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Evolving from the supplier-funded model

The days of “free” MSPs are numbered, and that’s a good thing for your program.
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The rise of the machine and humans

As workforce solutions expand the realms of human capital and begin to fully embrace technological solutions, it’s time to look at a few things that may drive demand for humans.
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Supreme Court to decide on employee arbitration agreements

The US Supreme Court agreed to weigh in on the legality of arbitration agreements where employees waive their rights to pursue class action lawsuits.
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Uber sues to stop Seattle IC driver unionization law

Uber filed a lawsuit to stop new rules that would allow Uber, Lyft and other independent contractor ride-sharing drivers to unionize, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports.
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Citigroup settles in IC misclassification case

Citigroup Inc. agreed to settle for nearly $400,000 in a case alleging the company misclassified a number of its IT workers as contractors in order to avoid paying overtime wages, Legal Reader reports.
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Bain acquires operator of Geometric Results MSP

MSX International, which operates Geometric Results Inc., a managed service provider, was acquired by Bain Capital Private Equity, signalling a “demonstrable interest” in workforce solutions.
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