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Don’t take them for granted

A growing worker shortage gives warehouse and other light industrial workers options, leaving programs to become creative in attempts to attract and retain them.
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Defining the SOW management operation business model

After defining strategically why a statement-of-work management practice should reside in a contingent workforce program, the next question to be answered is exactly what that SOW management practice will be.
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Lyft settles with California drivers

Following a rejection of an earlier deal, a federal judge approves Lyft’s $27.5 settlement with IC drivers.
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Do companies need to exist?

The Financial Times explores the shifting border between employees and “not-quite” employees and how employers are pushing against the border between them.
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Attempt to skirt labor laws by using staffing firms fails

A Massachusetts company that tried to use staffing agencies to shield itself from liability must pay nearly $1.2 million in damages.
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