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Supplier diversity matters

Achieving diversity is tricky, but attaining it brings many tangible benefits, including making one’s program — as well as the company overall — more attractive as an employer.
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DC Attorney General sues buyer, staffing firms for misclassification

Washington DC’s Attorney General alleges firm misclassified more than 500 workers as independent contractors, seeking between $1,000 and $5,000 per worker.
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NYC votes on ride-share driver minimum wage, vehicle caps

A minimum wage for ride-hailing app drivers as well as a cap on the number of related licenses are being decided today by the New York City Council.
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Can’t find a skill? You or your provider could train for it

When workers re-enter the workforce after raising children, for example, their skills are out of date. One contingent worker discusses how her staffing provider helped her refresh her skills. What are you and your providers doing?
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Calif. nail salon fined $1.2 million in wage theft citation

The citation includes $670,040 payable to workers and $572,187 in civil penalties, including $160,000 for misclassifying workers.
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