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Fold it in

Being strategic about adding SOW spend to a CW program will reap benefits.
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Why run a QBR?

An effective quarterly business review will reward you ten-fold the time invested in it.
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Lead to succeed

Staffing execs share their perspectives on the state of the industry and workforce solutions at the Staffing Industry Executive Forum.
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End on a high note

How you and your suppliers end assignments, especially if unexpectedly, can go a long way toward protecting your brand, writes contingent worker Angela Aiosa in Staffing Industry Review.
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Diversity in Trump era: companies rethinking workplace goals

Many companies are realizing that those of lower socioeconomic standing, though still white males, feel marginalized and may need to re-evaluate their diversity efforts, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal.
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Firms shifting RPO and MSP operations

Organizational changes are hitting some RPO and MSP providers.
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