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Program expansion: Think big, start small

Be careful what you wish for. Even when taking a staged approach, a program change effort can still become overwhelming. So take an even more measured approach.
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Industries most affected by worker shortages in US industrial temporary staffing

The industrial staffing segment, the largest in the temporary staffing market, faces many challenges that affect worker availability and costs.
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Grubhub worker not an IC; companies face fines and dissolution

Among recent independent contractor cases making headlines: A federal judge ruled Grubhub correctly classified a worker as an independent contractor; three New York companies to shut down after incorrectly classifying workers as ICs.
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The influencers in the world of work: The 2018 Staffing 100

For the seventh time, SIA has completed its list of the 100 most influential people in the North American staffing industry. These are the men and women guiding the companies that deliver what your company needs to fill gaps: the contingent workforce.
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But we closed due to bad weather. Why am I being billed?

When inclement weather forces a shutdown, you may still be billed for your contingent workers. A Staffing Industry Review article discusses when contingents must still be paid due to site closures and other circumstances.
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