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Misclassified worker entitled to back pay for holiday leave

The European Court of Justice ruled a salesman was owed holiday pay for the 13 years that he worked as a self-employed consultant.
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The true ramifications of the evolving legal landscape

Tracking and understanding the ever-changing employment laws and their true effect on the workforce solutions ecosystem is critical to maintaining a compliant yet competitive and nimble program.
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Buyer penalties near $1 million for underpaying temps

A Massachusetts staffing buyer must pay nearly $1 million for underpaying temps and hindering an investigation, the third large settlement in the state this year.
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Reevaluating sexual harassment awareness and training

Dana Shaw-Arimoto, a leadership team coach and founder and CEO of Phoenix5 LLC, discusses the failings of the typical sexual harassment training programs and outlines a different method in a three-part series in the Staffing Stream.
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The unemployment squeeze

Are your providers being squeezed by the low unemployment levels — and will you be paying more to accommodate their increased recruiting costs? The Daily Inter Lake reports on staffing firms’ challenge to find and place workers.
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