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Source the right suppliers, quality talent follows

The war for talent can only be won with the right suppliers. Here’s how to make sure you have them in place.
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Sponsored: MSPs must adapt or become like dinosaurs

MSP Geometric Results CEO Art Knapp, on innovation and providing “true value” in today’s landscape: MSPs have to give companies reasons to stop changing providers like they change shirts.
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NLRB publishes proposed joint-employment standard

The National Labor Relations Board moved last week to tighten its joint-employer standard. The new rule would mean fewer businesses would be considered joint employers.
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The Gig-E collective: Tapping the ecosystem’s wisdom

Despite the abundance of headlines Uber seems to grab, there's much more to the gig economy. SIA's Subadhra Sriram writes about what staffing firms, MSPs and RPOs stand to gain by attending SIA's Collaboration in the Gig Economy conference next month.
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Creating a level playing field for new forms of work

As ways of working evolve, Europe needs to continually adapt legislation and social protection schemes to accommodate them, says Michael Freytag of the World Employment Confederation-Europe.
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