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It’s in the contract; Build to ensure SOW engagement success

For greater chance of a successful project, ensure you provide suppliers with the best information possible.
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Want SOW management visibility? Fold it in program

No matter what visibility you hope to achieve, you need to build a business case and strategy to support it. The QECR Performance Framework can help.
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Judge tosses $100 million Uber misclassification settlement

The deal would have ended one of the most noteworthy independent contractor misclassification lawsuits.
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Court: Temporary foreign worker properly ordered to leave the US

A federal appeals court ruled that a removal order of a foreign worker who came to the US on an H-2A agricultural guest worker visa was proper, Bloomberg BNA reports.
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New Arizona independent contractor law in effect

An Arizona law intended to provide independent contractors and businesses greater certainty with respect to proper employment classification went into effect earlier this month. Attorneys describe the law on Lexology.com.
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‘Gig workforce’ nearly 30% of US workers

Contingent workers represented 29% of all US workers last year, or 44 million people, representing $792.4 billion in staffing buyer spend.
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