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Court puts brakes on DOL’s new overtime regulations

A federal court in Texas issued a nationwide temporary injunction halting the new overtime exemption salary threshold from going into effect.
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What I want to be when I grow up …

While CW management isn’t the job you dreamed about as a kid, here you are. Resources to help you succeed.
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After exploitation allegations, company improves CW program

Buyer once in hot water shows significant improvement in CW program, according to a regulatory agency.
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Majority of staffing firms dissatisfied with VMS

More than half of staffing firms are dissatisfied with the vendor management systems they use.
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Court: Lawful permanent residents are ‘American Workers’

Reconsidering a prior decision that only US citizens are “American Workers,” a federal judge ruled last week that green-card holders are also protected by the Immigration and Nationality Act, Bloomberg BNA reports.
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Independent contractor misclassification costs defunct firm $350,000

The firm must pay a group of 41 drivers and market contractors to settle a DOL lawsuit.
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