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A many-splendored tool

A well-crafted mission is a powerful tool in delivering the CW agenda and achieving its promise.
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A proactive legal capability

Too often, legal remains on the periphery until a risk event takes place. Specific steps to get legal involved where you need them, yet not bogged down.
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Deliveroo workers deemed self-employed; company seeks employment law changes

A UK arbitration body ruled delivery workers for Deliveroo are self-employed because of their freedom to “substitute” — allowing other riders to take their place on a job, Business Matters magazine reports.
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NLRB continues transformation with general counsel nod

The National Labor Relations Board continues to shift toward a more business-friendly approach with the Senate confirmation of Peter Robb last week as the board’s new general counsel, the National Law Review reports.
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No CWS 3.0 next week

Your next issue of Contingent Workforce Strategies 3.0 will be delivered Nov. 29 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
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