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Some considerations to implement an SOW management-enabling technology strategy

Contingent Workforce program managers looking to fold SOW spend management into their programs should make technology a critical component of their plans.
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Measuring program performance: What excellence looks like

When managing program effectiveness, focus on the three pillars of CW management.
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Watch for heated political debates in contingent workforce space

As the US presidential election nears, political discussions can become problematic within the entire workforce. Deft management can steer workers clear of trouble.
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NLRB claims on-demand delivery company violated NLRA

A Mondaq.com legal contributor discusses a National Labor Relations Board complains that warrants the attention of all gig economy companies.
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NY Uber drivers eligible for unemployment benefits

The New York Times reports two former drivers for Uber have been ruled as eligible for unemployment payments.
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The future of the workforce: Millennials in Staffing

Meet the people who will change the face of the workforce.
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