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Direct sourcing: Being compatible with staffing providers

With prudent CW program management, direct sourcing would be just another arrow in the program’s talent-sourcing quiver, not the death knell of the productive staffing relationships.
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CWS Summit highlights flex work management, elevating program

Statement-of-work consulting, the future of the gig economy and getting the best talent were among the hot topics at last weeks’ contingent workforce conferences.
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Why your suppliers walked away

Have you lost a valued provider or failed to add one to your list? Suppliers do reject clients. Managing Editor Sharon Thomas writes about reasons why in The Staffing Stream.
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RI companies to pay $2 million in misclassification cases

The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training closed two misclassification cases, resulting in $1 million in back pay and an additional $1.3 million in penalties for the two companies involved, GoLocal Prov reports.
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CWS Summit: Working through uncertainty and change

Attendees at the 2017 CWS Summit this week discussed a wide range of topics. Among them, the effect of artificial intelligence on the world of work, workplace safety, statement of work and the state of the economy.
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