The US unemployment rate fell to 3.7% in September, and the latest Pulse report from Staffing Industry Analysts shows the level of recruitment difficulty rising for staffing firms.

However, at least one contingent workforce user is going ahead with a massive project despite the likely recruiting difficulty.

The US Census Bureau announced late last month that it began recruiting Census jobs for the year 2020 for 248 area census offices.

Ultimately, it will need millions of workers, and the Census Bureau acknowledged in a story back in July that recruitment may be a challenge. It recruited 3.9 million job applicants for the 2010 census, but that was back when unemployment was particularly high. To help recruit enough people for 2020, the Census Bureau outlined a strategy that includes public relations, using social media, paid ads and setting up recruitment booths at public events.

Jobs available include census takers, field supervisors, recruiting assistants, clerks and others. The first batch of recruiting is taking place now, but more recruiting will take place in January. The majority of the job offers will be made next summer. Most jobs are expected to last several weeks.