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DOL withdraws Trump-era gig worker opinion letter

|February 24th, 2021|

In a signal of increased scrutiny by the Biden administration of independent contractor classification, the DOL withdraws gig worker opinion letter.
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Prop 22 unconstitutional, drivers claim in lawsuit

|January 13th, 2021|

A trio of ride-hail drivers filed a lawsuit in California's Supreme Court on Tuesday alleging that Proposition 22 is unconstitutional, CNET reported.

Labor Department sends high-stakes IC classification rule to White House for review

|September 2nd, 2020|

Following reported internal conflict over the endeavor, the DOL has sent to the White House a proposed rule that would set new parameters for worker classification.

UK: Health and safety rights review for gig workers

|July 15th, 2020|

The UK’s High Court is allowing a union to proceed with a judicial review that could extend health and safety rights to hundreds of thousands of gig economy workers.

Covid-19: Governments include independents in safety net measures

|June 3rd, 2020|

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of a huge swath of the global workforce: the gig economy. Many countries have established safety nets to help ease the worst of the effects. Here is what the UK and US have been doing.

Gig worker jobs hit hard by Covid-19

|May 20th, 2020|

With unemployment levels rising at unprecedented rates, this portion of the workforce faces dire circumstances. Here’s the big picture for global gig workers.

Uber asks Trump to help independent contractors through Covid-19

|March 25th, 2020|

Uber’s CEO asks for President Trump to help independent contractor, gig economy workers during the Covid-19 crisis in a letter, and called for a “third-way” classification between employee and independent contractor for gig workers such as drivers.
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At large firms, one in six are gig workers

|February 5th, 2020|

One in six workers are gig workers, and industries across the board rely on them, according to the ADP Research Institute.

Uber allows some CA drivers to set fares as part of AB 5 strategy

|January 22nd, 2020|

Uber Technologies Inc. is allowing drivers serving select California airports to set their fares in response to AB 5, the Wall Street Journal reports.

California AB 5: Constitutionality challenged; Uber changing app, Wonolo exiting state

|January 8th, 2020|

Now in effect, Uber and Postmates are challenging California AB 5’s constitutionality. Separately, Uber is changing its app to build its case that drivers are independent contractors, and Wonolo is looking to exit the state.