Individuals in contingent workforce management stepped up last year to not only tackle the myriad of unprecedented challenges of operating amid a global pandemic, but also to — as SIA President Barry Asin says — build back better. SIA is now accepting nominations to recognize these individuals on our fourth annual CW Program Game Changers list.

We are looking for the pioneers, the game-changers, at the forefront of the changing world of work. The list is not a ranking, but rather a way to honor professionals working in contingent workforce management roles around the globe, and to particularly recognize those pushing the space forward and breaking new ground.

To qualify, a candidate must be an employee of the buyer/enterprise organization. Examples of professionals who would be eligible include, but are not necessarily limited to: a VP of HR sponsoring the program, an individual in the finance department responsible for program compliance, head of talent acquisition accountable for managing the contingent workforce or a procurement guru whose team handles the staff augmentation and statement-of-work contracts. Program sponsors such as the CFO or the CEO who are not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the program are not eligible, nor are employees of an MSP working onsite at the buyer organization.

Please note: For jointly managed programs, we ask for individual nominations per manager; team nominations will not be accepted.

The nomination survey for the 2021 list, sponsored by KellyOCG, is now open. Submit your nominations online. Nominations close June 25.

The list will be published Sept. 15 in the CWS 3.0 e-newsletter and at