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Examine next steps on your diversity initiatives

|March 10th, 2021|

From the need for dedicated leadership to casting a wider net, what programs need to have in place for a successful diversity initiative that align with their organization’s goals.
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Contingents now in another state?

|March 10th, 2021|

As remote work enables contingents to work from anywhere, companies and their staffing providers may find themselves facing new tax implications as other states’ treasuries come knocking.
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|March 10th, 2021| Services and its contractor were cited for alleged wage theft violations affecting 718 delivery workers in Southern California, the California Department of Industrial Relations reported Monday.
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The IC challenge and the talent platform

|March 3rd, 2021|

With talent platforms allowing engagement of independent contractors with ease, programs must seek tools, partnerships or counsel to maintain compliance.
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The DE&I priority

|February 24th, 2021|

Bringing diverse workers into your CW program can help set strategic, measurable and realistic goals that align with the employee population.
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Back in the building

|February 24th, 2021|

Working from home is not an option for many businesses. As the world recovers from the pandemic, here are some ideas to woo contingent workers back to physical locales.
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Outplacement services helps your brand and temps

|February 10th, 2021|

Many businesses must reduce their workforces in the wake of Covid-19. Offering outplacement services to workers, including contingents, offers a smoother transition for them and brand protection for the organization.

Sponsored: Through a VMS lens

|February 10th, 2021|

Eye your extended workforce and the future via a vendor management system. Beeline executives outline how the tool provides the total visibility needed to ensure that your company thrives during the recovery.

Labor union lodges NLRB complaint against Google and staffing provider

|February 10th, 2021|

A union that represents workers of all categories at Google filed a complaint alleging unfair labor practices against a staffing provider, including Google as a joint employer.

Benchmarks: SOW spend through VMS

|February 10th, 2021|

Despite being a focus area for vendor management system providers as well as CW programs, SOW represents just 16% of reported 2019 VMS spend under management, suggesting that it remains a largely unpenetrated market for VMS.