Frustrated by SOW visibility? How to create it.

|November 2nd, 2016|

What a program manager can do to shine a light on statement-of-work activity.

Some considerations to implement an SOW management-enabling technology strategy

|October 26th, 2016|

Contingent Workforce program managers looking to fold SOW spend management into their programs should make technology a critical component of their plans.

Designing an effective SOW management metric plan

|October 5th, 2016|

You have decided to get into the business of managing statement-of-work engagements, and now you need a SOW management metric plan. Some considerations.

SOW: Do smaller companies manage contracts better?

|October 5th, 2016|

While there is no easy answer, there are significant differences in the types of projects larger and smaller companies engage.

SOW spend visibility: Engage your ecosystem, starting with VMS.

|September 28th, 2016|

Leveraging partner and stakeholder know-how in deploying SOW management technology infrastructure.

SOW engagement type matters for successful management

|September 21st, 2016|

One size does not fit all in SOW engagements. Exploring the differences between SOW projects and SOW services.

In an SOW triangle: Cost, speed and quality are a delicate balance

|August 31st, 2016|

With a lot of moving parts, SOW engagement management can get tricky,

It’s in the contract; Build to ensure SOW engagement success

|August 24th, 2016|

For greater chance of a successful project, ensure you provide suppliers with the best information possible.

Want SOW management visibility? Fold it in program

|August 24th, 2016|

No matter what visibility you hope to achieve, you need to build a business case and strategy to support it. The QECR Performance Framework can help.

Defining a SOW partner management strategy; keep eyes on the goal

|August 17th, 2016|

Launching SOW management in a CW program requires a number of structural capabilities and strategic considerations.